Link Jacket is a great way to build a monthly reoccurring income from surfing online forums and sites such as  By posting answers online you will be contributing to building yourself a monthly income that will continue to grow over time.  With only two hours a day you can quickly build yourself a full time job as an online guide, promote your website or blog, and establish yourself online.


Link Jacket is a powerful 'Link Wrapping' technology that will allow you to capitalize on any outbound link you place online.  By answering peoples questions on forums, answer sites, and article pages you can provide linking opportunities that will bring you substantial income over time.  Here is how it works!

Step One:  Signup To Link Jacket
Signing up is easy and only takes a minute!  You will be provided a control panel that allows you to insert your Google Adsense ID, set your banner prices, and also link to your Blog or Webpage.  [ Click Here To Signup ]

Step One:  Finding Posting Opportunities
Visit and locate questions that you have the ability to answer.  While answering the question, use Google to find other web pages that relate to the answer or provide additional information on it. 

Step Three:  Wrap The Website Links Using Link Jacket
Using the Link Broker control panel you can "Create" a Link Jacket.  Simply type in the web address to one of the helpful sites you have found and Link Broker will provide you with a 'wrapped' URL to post on  Here is a screen shot example of wrapping

Upon confirmation will be provided a 'wrapped' URL to post on the website as illustrated in the following screen shot.

This screen will provide you with the unique outbound link URL that looks like the following:

When visited, the website will show the visitor an intermission page that looks like the following.  The user can then click the 'continue' button to visit or visit one of your sponors.

How The Intermission Site Makes You Money
This intermission site makes you money in a number of ways.  The website offers THREE banner purchases opportunities that will directly bring you revenues to your Paypal account.  It also offers Google Adsense placement that will earn you revenues based on ad clicks and average impressions.  In addition, the website offers 'Free Linking' opportunities that will help promote your Blog or Website in the future -- acting as a powerful promotion tool to help you build your online presence in the future.

When a potential advertiser visits Link Jacket they will be able to purchase banner placement on your wrapped link sites instantly -- and you are instantly paid via PayPal for the placement.  You keep 100% of the profits on both banner placement and your Adsense revenues.

Step Four:  Dedicate Yourself To Building An Income
The amazing part about answering questions online is that the answers are visited by thousands of people.  Overtime your links are exposed to tens of thousands of readers a day and those links will remain on the pages for years.  By simply dedicating 2-3 hours a day to Link Broker you can quickly build a strong monthly income that will continue to earn you revenues for years to come -- if you continue to work at it or not.  The following figures are based on you dedicating 2 hours a day to the Link Broker project.

Daily Link Posts Avg. Yearly Views Per Post Yearly Posts Yearly Views
25 2,000 9,100 18,200,000
Currently banner impressions are worth on average $1.10 per 1,000 impressions.   The website has THREE banner opportunities for sale -- each with the potential of yielding $20,020 worth of income based on the figures above.  This means that selling the three banner spots online can earn you a modest $20,000-$60,000 a year income for only 14 hours a week of dedication.  These revenues are paid you to daily as banner advertising space is sold and placed.

In addition to this income you will be earning revenues direct from Adsense.  These revenues will pay from $0.50 cents to $3.00 per click -- which can yield you an additional $15,000 - $25,000 a year income.  These revenues are paid you to monthly from Google.

Step Five:  Getting Started
Getting started with Link Broker is a breeze -- just Signup.  The signup process only takes one minute and you can test drive the system and decide if Link Broker is right for you.